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Everlong Everwood

I’m in the middle of a non-vacation vacation. It’s non-vacation in that I’m still working my usual work week (actually, less than usual, because I’m holding it to 40 hours rather than 50ish) but a vacation in that I’m not in vacation. It finally occurred to me that my job and farflung team members mean […]

All Saint’s, All Excuses

Where did all of my promises of updating more frequently get me? Where? Where I ask you? Nowhere. I don’t know what my deal is. I’ve heard that lots of long-time bloggers (or as we were once called, online diarists/dinosaurs) go through weird periods of non-blogging. I suspect it comes down to a question of […]

This is why I hate being late

Late on Monday night, Esteban noticed that I must have been freaking out much more than usual, because I was being extraordinarily helpful with his packing. Like, I cleaned out my entire car, just on the off-chance that the GPS unit was in there, and made several codependent queries upon the quantities of clean laundry […]

The swirly hair that broke the camel’s back

I am SO lucky that I actually buckled down and made an appointment for my spring personal cleaning, as oh my god, the moratorium on shaving my legs was totally going to end this weekend. It happened when I was applying lotion post-shower. I looked down and instead of a little golden aura of follicular […]

Totally for Laura

Laura, this entry is wholly and entirely (and hopelessly) devoted to you. Just so you know. That’s not me being passive aggressive or anything, just stating a fact. And any opportunity to work in an ONJ reference is not to be missed. So, there were a lot of people here last weekend, and it was […]

No Exit

It occurred to me yesterday that I really don’t like Modest Mouse. I thought I did, and quite honestly, “Float On” is a great song. It is. It’s not you, “Float On”, it’s me. However, I continue to write the names of the members of Stars in my spiral bound notebooks, and then draw hearts […]

Semester’s over, let the partying begin

Blergh, how did so many days pass by? How? I ask this of you. The good news: I finished that paper and also, did pretty well during the presentation. We had ten minutes to present, which meant that the early people took upwards of 45 minutes (I am not making that up) for their own […]

A short critical dissertation on the prevalence of happy fairy candy

I have lost some weight. Not a lot of weight, certainly not bucket loads of weight like my friend Anne, who writes the incredible Body of Work diary that’s part of the new Elastic Waist thingy (which, by the way, is where I’m updating three times a day Monday through Friday like clockwork, although sometimes […]

Call me Nimdok

I just started another semester, with the dreaded literature class, the ones I now have to take because it’s all I have left before I finish the Masters and continue on to demanding to be called Doctor Weetabix (or Doctor Pretty Pretty Princess would also be acceptable). It’s not that I dread literature classes, really. […]

In a New York Minute Part II

On Saturday morning, I overslept, a drastic difference in the previous night, in which I had woken every hour on the hour to make sure that I hadn’t overslept. I also think the nighttime cold medicine I had taken before bed may have had something to do with it. I hopped into the shower and […]

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