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Þakka þér fyrir

  Two months ago, I was invited to a press junket. In Iceland. Like, no kidding, the country Iceland. We would be wined and dined and wined again and meet titans of industry and also, government officials who are much more attractive than any government official has a right to be. I would be stupid […]

When we were young

Oh, that picture up there? That’s just me with Felicia Day. What, you don’t hang out with celebrities during your business trips? I am doing a big technology conference in Vegas this week. It’s been filled with celebrities (I’ve seen Rohan Marley so often that I’m beginning to feel like he’s part of my family) […]

The captain has turned on the seatbelt light

My great intentions for Holidailies are slowly becoming delusional, that is clear. On Wednesday morning, I left Esteban in our suite in the Venetian, hopped into a cab and headed to the airport, where I was headed to San Jose for 22 hours. I had overzealous intentions there — I hoped to hop over to […]

Longer than the line for the ladies room at a tech convention

Sometimes I think I could live in Vegas all year and still never do all of the awesome things I want to do in Vegas. For instance, I kind of want to shoot a machine gun. I’ve never seen the Grand Canyon (I think I might have flown over it once or twice, actually, but […]

What happens in Vegas stays on the upholstery

One of the bad things about coming to Vegas for an IT conference is coming to Vegas for an IT conference. The last four times I’ve stayed in the same hotel as the conference, I tend not to leave the hotel. At all. In fact, for VMWorld, I literally walked into the Venetian on Sunday […]

Lost and found

Yesterday Esteban and I embarked upon our separate but equal trips to Las Vegas for a very neat adventure: the very same IT conference. It’s not often that our jobs have  the same venues but things melded this time (there was only one other time so far:last year’s VMworld). We work for two different companies: […]

Travelista Tips: Your questions answered

Boy, that Travel post got HUGE amounts of interest! I had no idea! Ok, here’s my biggest tip ever: never ever ever ever ever just accept the price given for a hotel/plane ticket/car rental. It can always get lower somehow. I have seen the same seat on the same flight can vary by as much […]

How to go anywhere you want without paying for it: the not-so-secret way to travel without breaking the bank

My hair stylist is always asking “where are you going THIS time” because almost every time I come in for a color, I am probably going somewhere. Next week, I’m going to Las Vegas, LA and then Boston. The only reason I’m not going somewhere in February is because I will be house-sitting for Ward […]

Moments I’d like to not have played back in the movie of my life

A few weeks ago, while I was in Everwood demanding that Jake drive me around and find things that would delight and amuse me, he pointed us at a bakery that was apparently founded by Joseph Smith or something. I tried half of a piece and demanded the box be taken away before I eat […]

Fragile. A Major Award.

If you’re looking for the Holiday Card Exchange FAQ, it’s here. I just came back from seventeen days of travel. Three days in Everwood, UT, hanging out with Jake, which was a whirlwind of zombies, cake, tea parties and arguments about whether  another friend was hiding a thirteen year old child in her studio apartment […]

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