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Flash Sob

I think I’m turning into Mighty Kymm, as I have noticed that watching flash mob videos tends to make me get choked up a little. I don’t know why. At first I thought it was because I just love the musical numbers in The Sound of Music, but then it happened again and again, even […]

Post Weetacon shenanigans

Old Year’s Revolutions 2007

It’s the annual New Year’s Eve video! The amateurish nature is a stylistic choice to maintain my street cred. Or something. You’ll never know. But I get away with it because my friends are all fucking gorgeous. Damn. Seriously, damn. PS. At least five of these pictures were not taken by me but are rather […]

It figures

Funny thing, blogging. I’ve had a diagnosis of PCOS for at least seven years, but never mention it on the blog. Last entry, I beseech the Lord above to give me a different syndrome after I find an annoyingly named forum for women with PCOS. On Monday, I walked into the doctor’s office thinking that […]


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