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Weetacon Prom-posal

When I moved to Las Vegas, the big question everyone had was “What about Weetacon?” Yup. What about Weetacon. In June, Esteban and I flew out to Vegas to find a house and my friend Jake drove down to hang out with us. During that week, we ate many questionable meals, tried not to melt […]

How to make new lasting friendships as an adult

About eleven years ago last month, Poppy and I met for drinks in Chicago and she said “Hey, have you ever considered having a Diaryland-Con in Green Bay? I like spa weekends, and I kind of want to experience the Bad Bar.” A legacy was born on March 4, 2005 when we held the first […]

The best of times (Holiday Card Exchange 2016!)

  Hello! How are you? Is that a new haircut? Damned you are looking good! Somehow it’s fall. I’m not sure how that happened – the last several months have gone by incredibly quickly and now we’ve got a limited number of weekends before everything kind of shuts down for the winter. Please indulge me […]

You are a star

Photo courtesy of Suzanna Danna Hello little blog world! It is spring almost! Practically! How did that happen?! Fucking Daylight Saving Time, that’s how, apparently. My primary strategy for avoiding seasonal affective disorder is planning Weetacon, which just so happens to fall within earshot of the first springish day here in Coldington. Chris, one of […]

Changing the world, one dress at a time

This past weekend was Weetacon, the annual gathering of the best people on the planet and predictably, it was the most amazing time. The word “magical” was used by more than one person, and I am probably biased, but yes, it was magical. One of the coolest things that I get to do as the […]

Post Weetacon shenanigans

Existential Crisis Take 47

There’s a big buggedy boo at work right now, which always forces me to do a mental course correction. Sometimes I think the biggest bit of consternation in my gourd is the fact that while I’m damned effective at what I do, there’s still a bit of pointlessness to it. It always comes down to […]


Her: You haven’t posted for awhile. November 21. Me: What? Certainly not. I’ve posted more since then. Her: November 21. I check frequently. Me: Huh. But…but…the Year End Video counts! It didn’t quite go that way. Mostly it went that way. Because yes, I did the opposite of Hollidailies, it seems. And also, I suck. […]

Meta meta-ness

So many of you have either commented or e-mailed that you want to come to Weetacon (March 5-7, 2010!) and see what it’s all about (and let’s face it, could there BE a cheaper readymade weekend getaway? Plus, I defy you to walk out of Weetacon without having made at least one amazing new bff) […]

No Exit

It occurred to me yesterday that I really don’t like Modest Mouse. I thought I did, and quite honestly, “Float On” is a great song. It is. It’s not you, “Float On”, it’s me. However, I continue to write the names of the members of Stars in my spiral bound notebooks, and then draw hearts […]

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