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Easiest and most delicious pumpkin cupcakes you’ll ever eat in your entire life

I get embarrassed by box mixes. I was raised in a household that had a 500 square foot garden and basically lived off of The Moosewood Cookbook. We went an entire year without having white flour in our house — and we’re talking early 80’s wheat bread, people, not this kinder, gentler soft stuff that we […]

Em Oh You Es Ee

It is definitely pre-Winter here in Wisconsin, which is to say that there’s no doubt about the fact that it’s late autumn. The leaves are peaking or, in some cases, more bare than there. I keep spotting turkeys and deer by the dozens, and in one rather traumatic moment on the highway today, one hanging […]

Like Supergirl, only not as cool

This weekend, Esteban and I did a lot of nauseating couple-y things like going out for dinner (actually, I just drank Cape Cods and kept him company. I’m having one of those weird Not Hungry phases, which is pissing me off because eating is fun). On Saturday, we both slept in, because it was raining […]

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