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Easiest and most delicious pumpkin cupcakes you’ll ever eat in your entire life

I get embarrassed by box mixes. I was raised in a household that had a 500 square foot garden and basically lived off of The Moosewood Cookbook. We went an entire year without having white flour in our house — and we’re talking early 80’s wheat bread, people, not this kinder, gentler soft stuff that we […]

One way to enjoy pecan pie without the calories

If you ever want your house to smell delicious but don’t want the scent to be identifiable — the way bread or brownies would be instantly identifiable by aroma — bake a pecan pie. Pecan pies have basically all the sweet smells but the nuts throw you off. That’s right. I’ll just leave “the nuts throw […]

What’s For Dinner – Ten Minute Rock Your World Asparagus

  We’re headlong into asparagus season. A good life rule is that if you see really good looking asparagus, you should buy it. You know the stuff: where the stalks look perfect, not woody, and the buds are completely closed tight. With the advent of the Coldington farmer’s market, I’ve been scooping up a pound of […]

What’s For Dinner? KFC Crock Pot Chicken

After six months of subsisting on Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom soup, once Esteban could finally eat regular food, he took a lot of delight in trying new recipes. He basically cooked All The Things over the last six months. Some of these things were super winners — his beef stew is one of my favorite dishes, […]

Take a hot date to your next holiday party

I would never make it as a food blogger, even though I love to cook for multiple reasons. First, when I’m in the crazy cooking mood, I usually don’t want to stop and grab my camera, tripod and all the whatnots needed to take a decent photo. Second, we have insufficient lighting in the kitchen, […]

Slurm for all!

We went through an entire summer of experimenting with Sugar-Free Kool-Aid replacements. Using the unsweetened stuff with Splenda was crazy. Splenda is light and fluffy, like Hollywood snow, and it doesn’t want to mix into our giant Kool-Aid pitcher. It refuses. It says “Unhand me, madam, I said good day!”and then makes a huge mess […]

Hold the bacon

Working from home, we’ve been cooking a lot more over this last year. It’s just so much easier to start dinner going in the late afternoon — get the skirt steak marinating, start browning up some mushrooms– than when you are stuck in a cubicle across town, obvs. In 2011, we dramatically reduced our restaurant […]


One of the side benefits of my new (well, six months old) job is that the hour or so that I used to spend commuting to and from the office is the make or break hour for planning ambitious meals. Not that we’ve been ambitious, mind you, but we certainly do more eating at home […]

Come on baby, light my fire

On Saturday morning, I woke up early for the farmer’s market and gave Esteban a reprieve, since he had been out playing his Dork games until the wee hours. I grabbed the dog and hit the farmer’s market. My grandmother asked me to pick her up three things: eggs, a tomato and a beef roast. […]

Like Supergirl, only not as cool

This weekend, Esteban and I did a lot of nauseating couple-y things like going out for dinner (actually, I just drank Cape Cods and kept him company. I’m having one of those weird Not Hungry phases, which is pissing me off because eating is fun). On Saturday, we both slept in, because it was raining […]

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