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Food Porn

Esteban and I have a Sunday morning ritual that usually involves him making breakfast (the man is a master egg wrangler… his scrambled eggs have an artful consistency that I’ve never been able to duplicate. My omelets are supreme, but overall, he owns the egg oeuvre), coffee, a newspaper and our collective heckling of the […]

Quorn? Kwo Orn? Que Worn? What?

For someone who likes to be pregnant as little as possible, I pay pitifully little attention to the schedule of the magical Not Pregnant Fiesta each month. I don’t understand how that becomes a non-issue in my head. I know when it’s happening, I’m happy when it’s done, but if it isn’t one of those […]

Chicken Parmesan…For the Bold And Daring

I’m ticked. Apparently, I missed out on a grand tradition at my college. The Shoe Tree fell over. Crap. That ticks me off. I had no idea that it even existed. I never actually lived on that campus, transferring from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point when I was a sophomore to live with Esteban in […]

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