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Make my blog pretty and historically accurate!

Many of you started reading my Diaryland blog back in the day. I have actually owned for years (YEARS) while still updating at Diaryland because A)I had no idea how to physically maneuver 8 years of blog entries over onto WordPress B) I didn’t want to deal with the extra work… let’s face it, […]

Chick Flicks

Chick flicks–The Scourge of the Entertainment Industry!!! Having said that, I must admit that I enjoyed “Message in a Bottle” very much. I think, however, that the Robin Wright character was a big asshole and she deserved to have her heart broken, and maybe even her neck so that she would stop the weird head-bobbing […]


Deaf or Blind: Blind, I suppose. Pools or hot tubs: What the hell is there to do in a hot tub? Sit and stew? Pools, definately pools. Blonds or brunettes: Brunettes are the only real people. Baths or showers: bath, although 99% of the time I take a shower. Coke or Pepsi: diet 7up TV […]


First entry!

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