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Hold the bacon

Working from home, we’ve been cooking a lot more over this last year. It’s just so much easier to start dinner going in the late afternoon — get the skirt steak marinating, start browning up some mushrooms– than when you are stuck in a cubicle across town, obvs. In 2011, we dramatically reduced our restaurant […]

Fragile. A Major Award.

If you’re looking for the Holiday Card Exchange FAQ, it’s here. I just came back from seventeen days of travel. Three days in Everwood, UT, hanging out with Jake, which was a whirlwind of zombies, cake, tea parties and arguments about whether  another friend was hiding a thirteen year old child in her studio apartment […]

Setting myself on fire

On top of all of the crap going on in my personal life, I also got a call a few days ago from the SVP that started out with “So, they’re eliminating your role before 2011…”. I shouldn’t be stressed by it, as I know damned well that they are still going through the corporate […]


A few years ago, Esteban and Scotty Boom Boom experienced a bit of an obstacle to their home brew hobbying: there was a hops shortage. Hops! Why wasn’t this a major headline in the news as the banks were crumbling? Think of the beer, people! The BEER! They solved it, much in the way of […]

Guest entry from Esteban

Esteban thinks that he’s not a writer, but he sent me a link to an entry on his own blog and I beg to differ. Out of courtesy, we don’t read each other’s blogs unless the other specifically sends a link, and out of the same courtesy, I’m not going to give you a link […]

The London Papers

At O’Hell, we stand outside for a moment to catch our breath before setting into motion the wild unstable ride of what will in stories be referred to as Once When We Went To London. We are soon joined by a group of kids, two boys and two girls conforming to the current individualistic trend […]

Chicken Parmesan…For the Bold And Daring

I’m ticked. Apparently, I missed out on a grand tradition at my college. The Shoe Tree fell over. Crap. That ticks me off. I had no idea that it even existed. I never actually lived on that campus, transferring from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point when I was a sophomore to live with Esteban in […]

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