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Easiest and most delicious pumpkin cupcakes you’ll ever eat in your entire life

I get embarrassed by box mixes. I was raised in a household that had a 500 square foot garden and basically lived off of The Moosewood Cookbook. We went an entire year without having white flour in our house — and we’re talking early 80’s wheat bread, people, not this kinder, gentler soft stuff that we […]

All Saint’s, All Excuses

Where did all of my promises of updating more frequently get me? Where? Where I ask you? Nowhere. I don’t know what my deal is. I’ve heard that lots of long-time bloggers (or as we were once called, online diarists/dinosaurs) go through weird periods of non-blogging. I suspect it comes down to a question of […]

dreams of snakes

Last night I dreamt something about leafs. I was trying to find the perfect fall leaf… not dirty, not veiny, not all chewed on by whatever. I kept finding leaves that were all eviscerated… you know that natural lacy thing that happens to leaves. I found one, an oak leaf, all perfect and amber. Then […]

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