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All Saint’s, All Excuses

Where did all of my promises of updating more frequently get me? Where? Where I ask you? Nowhere. I don’t know what my deal is. I’ve heard that lots of long-time bloggers (or as we were once called, online diarists/dinosaurs) go through weird periods of non-blogging. I suspect it comes down to a question of […]

Hi. I suck.

This entry is due to the combined efforts of Lynne, Selko and “S” (who honestly, may all be the same person hitting me from every angle) who all have inquired as to our well being since it’s been a blessed month since I last updated. Everything’s pretty great, I’m just stacked, and given that I […]

The 2007 Farmer’s Market season

Man, where is the summer going? If I didn’t have pictures, I wouldn’t even believe it’s August. I don’t even have a tan line because of all the travel. Also, my diamond shoes are too tight. Yeah, I’ll shut up. Instead, my friend Jasmine bought me a new macro lens as a thank you for […]

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