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What not to drink

We all have some level of hypocrisy in our lives. Yes, you too. And while I will happily pay double for a gallon of organic skim milk and we wake up at dawn’s first light to trek down to the farmer’s market to buy locavore produce from people we know and trust, I have a […]

Product Review: Crystal Light On The Go Pure Fitness drink mixes

Something I haven’t told you about yet: I stopped drinking Diet Coke. Yeah, I know, I used to be the biggest Diet Coke head on the planet, absolutely having a Pavlovian response to the siren call of a 32 oz bubbly bucket of pure caffeinated cancer. But then after years of reading how artificial sweeteners […]

are you there, god? it’s me, weetabix.

I enjoy science. It’s the numbers, I think, the statistics and standard deviations, all lining up nicely and pointing with blinking arrows at a sparkly conclusion. Sure, numbers can screw you but in general, science is all about the dispassionate actual concrete facts. I appreciate that now in a way I wish I could have […]

the magic bullet of zzzzzzzz

Think about how much sleep you got last night. Was it in the 5-hour range? Studies are finding that sleep (or lack thereof) is directly linked to the body’s inability to register a feeling of fullness as well as a direct link to insulin resistance. In one study, people who slept less than 7 hours […]

A short critical dissertation on the prevalence of happy fairy candy

I have lost some weight. Not a lot of weight, certainly not bucket loads of weight like my friend Anne, who writes the incredible Body of Work diary that’s part of the new Elastic Waist thingy (which, by the way, is where I’m updating three times a day Monday through Friday like clockwork, although sometimes […]

Fat Naked Girl, Table For One

There’s a new barista at Sbux. I pulled up the other day, cranking some NIN and wearing the Rock Star jacket. Baransky Barista took my order through the speaker (“Venti Crème de Menthe non fat no whip mocha please”), with her snipey little smugness, repeating it back to me incorrectly (“Venti Cinnamon Mocha?” “No, Vente […]

Disrobing and pains of the heart

Today was a bust. Here’s the scoop: I rushed to volleyball (where we kicked butt in 2 of 3 games, narrowly missing a shut out by a point in the second game) and during play, I started to feel a tight pain in my chest. Before you get worried, it is nothing, but it freaked […]

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