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The Official Holiday Card Exchange FAQ

You guys, I’m excited about the Holiday Card Exchange too!  I think this is our ninth year doing this, which is amazing longevity when internet bloggery is concerned. I’ve also been bouncing back a few questions in e-mail, and if someone’s actually asking, chances are good that more people are wondering so here’s a Holiday […]

Free giveaway! Win a photo print from my Etsy store!

Are you ready for some shameless self-promotion? Because here it comes: Oh! This is cool: I gave up my half-hearted attempt at keeping myself quasi-anonymous on Facebook and set up an actual That’s My Bix Facebook account. The best part of this has been actually getting to see some of the faces of people who […]

Meta meta-ness

So many of you have either commented or e-mailed that you want to come to Weetacon (March 5-7, 2010!) and see what it’s all about (and let’s face it, could there BE a cheaper readymade weekend getaway? Plus, I defy you to walk out of Weetacon without having made at least one amazing new bff) […]

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