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  They say “What the heart loves, the will chooses and the mind justifies.” This past January, I was planning a trip to Chicago with my brother – a reward for his making the Dean’s List the previous semester at college – when Esteban was off picking up our pug from doggie daycare. When he […]


Thank you, everyone, for your kindness recently with my grandmother’s passing. I’m certainly not through mourning her (arguably, are you ever?) but I’m doing a lot of pretending that I’m doing the day-to-day stuff with nothing wrong. I’m not sure if that’s the right reaction. Sometimes I let my guard down and apparently it shows […]

You never think about water until the well runs dry

  Last week, I was the person to tell my mother that her mother died. My Aunt Drusilla couldn’t find my mom’s work number and was too upset to do much more than call the Hospice number stuck to the phone and also, me. I also called my great uncle and told him that his […]

I miss her already

A dog collar. Another owner at the doggie daycare. The Jeep at Sbux that didn’t pull up far enough (despite having plenty of room) to allow me to get close enough to the speaker to order. The rabbits that want to have yet another batch of babies in our backyard. The motherfucking weather. These are […]

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