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No Exit

It occurred to me yesterday that I really don’t like Modest Mouse. I thought I did, and quite honestly, “Float On” is a great song. It is. It’s not you, “Float On”, it’s me. However, I continue to write the names of the members of Stars in my spiral bound notebooks, and then draw hearts […]

Las Vegas 2007… part 1

You don’t land in Las Vegas, rather you slap down on scorched earth, skin screeching against asphalt, blisters form and then you squint and carry on. Then the stewardess says “Welcome to Las Vegas. The temperature here is approximately one million degrees.” Off starboard, the Wynn properties glitter like toys on a collector’s shelf, the […]

Traditional pre-trip mental instability

I find that I have very little patience right now. I was staring at someone as they talked at to me at work and wanted to say “Really? Do you really think I or anyone at all cares about what your mom bought your grandchild at TJ Fucking Maxx?” But perhaps I am too harsh. […]

Seasonal Ennui

I may fully assert that the climate fucks me up, that I get a little melancholy when the days are thirteen minutes long during January (technically, also during December, but then we have the holy light of the Savior’s birth upon which to focus(and holy shit, this is me being sarcastic, right here, lest you […]

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