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I am Jack’s irritated liver.

Today I am grouchy.

Grouchy, grouchy, grouchy.

I tried explaining my Europe angst to Esteban and he just didn’t get it. He whined and said that we’d go after we took care of bills, and that I’m always all about the instant gratification. This is sometimes true, but not now. I’ve been waiting to go back for 4 years!!!!! I doubt that this is instant gratification! It’s like when someone has been abstaining for sex for a long time. It begins to build up until you aren’t thinking straight. That being said, I admit that I AM instant gratification girl about most things, but not this.



Went to the dentist yesterday. Dr. John is sporting a Goatee. He kept saying “Zesty” imitating the Taco Bell commercials. It was giving me the wigguns. Dr. John is not, nor never has been, hip. He thinks I have a baby cavity but nothing to worry about right now, probably next time it will get drilled. Yikes. Drilled. Every two and a half years, I’ve been getting a cavity. So much for perfect teeth Karma that followed me for my first 25 years. Apparently, the first two cavities weren’t flukes.


Dad put in a new screen in the front door. This needed to be done because Esteban put a hole in the screen last fall and then did NOTHING about it. Dad is so sweet. I need to make him cookies or something. Such a sweetie. He understands me.

Of course, long time readers of this diary will realize that I’m referring to Esteban’s dad, Esteban Sr., and not my actual biological father who doesn’t deserve the title of “dad”.

Grrrr. Why’d I bring THAT up?

Today, I’m wearing Sporty Spice outfit. I’m hoping to go golfing, or at least to the range, but most likely I will not. That would involve a bunch of time and also cleaning out the trunk of my car to fit my cute clubs inside. But I’m pretending that I’m going to the range tonight and it’s making me a little less grouchy.

Just a little.

I received a phone call from my grandmother this morning, extremely early on my work line. I was actually here but did not have my phone turned on, so I saw the message come in and called her right back. I think that was intentional because I don’t think she wanted to talk to me at that point. She wanted to make sure that Amy and I knew that they were planning a Mother’s Day get together. She wasn’t interested in knowing if we were actually coming to this thing, she just wanted to make sure that we didn’t “feel slighted”. It was purely political. There has been a whole rift in our family over this thing and I truly don’t care. That’s a bad attitude for me to have, but I don’t care. It’s regrettable, but I can honestly say that month’s go by and I don’t miss talking with them. I love my grandmother dearly but she has turned into a really mean and conniving person. I don’t have time in my life for that. As Esteban says, we’ve been fairly stress and dysfunction free since we’ve been extracted from the lotus of control that is my grandmother. Amy calls her “Mafia Grandma” and I think she’s right. Sad, though.

For some reason, my left pinky keeps wanting to type in caps, because it keeps turning the caps lock on. WHO AM I TO QUESTION THE NEEDS OF MY LEFT PINKY FINGER?

I think it would be better for everyone involved if I just locked myself in a closet for awhile until I’m done being crabby.

Last night’s dream was about Kassandra’s family. I dreamed that me and Kim V. went to visit Kass’s family in Waupaca and that we were going to spend the night on their floor. There were a bunch of people, though and everyone was sleeping on the floor. Abby was there too, so I was going to sleep next to her. It was strange. Then Kass came home and made up with her mom and things were strange, but we had a big southern style feast with yummy biscuits and it was less strange. I know. Bizarro dream.



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