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Suite of barf and phlegm

I’m sick, y’all.

Bone achey, eye watery, lung phlemgy, cheeks burny, Weetabix grumpy kind of sick.

I had that weird delusional sleep that all night. I slept on my boobs and now they hurt too because apparently, I never moved once. The curse of large hoots is the plague of the curvy round sex goddess. I was too hot to have the down comforter on, but too cold to not have the comforter on. I ended up precariously balancing it on my thigh so that enough cool air would sneak under to keep me cool without inducing body wracking shivers.

This morning, I thought I was delirious because I started to hear my mother’s voice in my sleep. It turned out that I wasn’t delirious, as it really was my mother talking to my cat. She had come to get all of her work supplies from the kitchen. When I got up and threw on a pair of leggings, she was gone. Yesterday, when I came home from work, she was here then too, touching up paint here and there, and she took one look at me and said “Oh my god, did you just throw up?” And I said, “no, a bit ago though there was an incident.” And she then informed me that the thing about me was that when I’m sick, I look like I’m sick, which was her nice way of saying I looked like cat barf.

Which is appropriate, because that’s how I feel.

My hair is right now resembling a pot of linguine, but I see no point to combing it. I keep coughing up nastiness too.

Around 3:30, I received a call from one of my team members asking how I felt and telling me that they would cover from 5:30 until 7:00 so I didn’t have to come in. I almost wept with gratitude. Since I stayed home sick today, I’m curious as to what they will do tonight.

What is more, I signed up for another quilting class, only this one was for FOUR nights of quilting rather than two (double the Quilt Nazi action!) but then I was going to have to withdraw from the class because the second night fell on the day we will be driving to Atlanta. Well, apparently, the Quilt Nazi had to attend a Quilt Nazi Reform Party convention or something and she’s pushing the start date of the class to March 14, which nicely avoids any scheduling conflicts for me.

Man, this is a boring entry. I’ll just stop now. I’ll update again if I think of something funny. I’ll put the winners of the Weetabix quiz up then, as well.

Someone on the guestbook said that I never post a picture of Esteban but I have one of everyone else, which is not entirely true (I’ve not posted anyone in my family other than Abby) but I actually HAVE posted pics of Esteban. In case you’ve forgotten what he looks like, you can view his cute mug here or here. He hates both of those pictures, by the way, but I think they’re cute. Ok, in the one with me he looks a little evil but that was on the night before our wedding and I think he was feeling like he had gotten away with something. Or maybe he couldn’t believe how fucking dark I had colored my hair. I don’t do that anymore, by the way.

Oh yeah, Levontaun updated!!! And he’s promised a real update tonight! You all rock like hard asses, you know that!?

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