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Monthly Archives: September 2002

Over dramatic much?

Come… gather round the campfire. Let me tell you a tale of an incredible woman… a woman who knew the value of a dollar and a good coupon. Some say she was a goddess, sent down from the heavens to inspire the weary sisters who’ve been downsized. Some say she is a myth, created by […]

Been caught stealing…

Time is running out to enter the Banner Ad contest! And then you’ll be kicking yourself that you didn’t make me a banner ad. You know you will. Go. Do it now. I’ll wait. See. I waited. Now doesn’t that feel better, knowing that you finished up that nagging little project. Good job. Now mail […]

How about Holly Rum-N-Nog?

Have you entered the Banner Ad contest? Have you? Because all the cool people are doing it. And you’re cool. Right? So make me a banner ad and then send it to me before Saturday and I’ll put it on my page. Come on. You know you want to. Sometimes I have nothing to say, […]

The duck does not have other props.

From Suein Hwang’s Wall Street Journal column: Aflac has issued guidelines for every use of its spokesduck. The word “duck,” for instance, is barred from sales agents’ e-mail addresses, as is any mention in company publications not generated by the Columbus, Ga., headquarters. Duck costumes are verboten, as are duck Christmas ornaments (requested by some […]

You’ll be in my heart… like a lump of congealed chicken fat that even a bucket of oat bran couldn’t break down.

Oh dear Lord where to begin? It’s so very hard to keep a diary and entertain tens of readers when your life is as boring as sin. I haven’t made the cookies yet. I was planning on it tonight, but instead Esteban hauled me to the Maul (TM K.Lo) so that he could have a […]

In the Kitchen with Weetabix

For the last couple of days, I have been an absolute cooking PHENOMENON. Or in the words of Paula Absurd’ Feh Nomenon. Earlier this week, I made chili and it was divine. We ate it on Tuesday and Wednesday night when I discovered that while my mouth adored the combination of ground sirloin, beans (kidney […]

MallWart: Your source for cheap plastic crap

So my JournalCon swag idea. I told you all about how I had decided against the temporary tattoos and the little yoyos with decoupage Weetabix paraphernalia on them? Because that was too hard or sketchy on whether or not people would actually want them? So I came up with a new idea: Play Doh. Yes. […]

Fare thee well, Summer Slacker Girl. We hardly knew ye!

I have an announcement to make: Ladies and Gentlemen, the Summer Slacker Girl has left the building. And let me tell you how I have come to this conclusion: I am at this very moment wearing socks. I’m looking forward to cleaning the living room tonight because it makes me insane to sit in there […]

Silly Rabbit… Trix are for kids.

I’ll bet you’re just losing sleep at night, wondering what happened to the Nut saga. Client: I don’t understand this question about the snack nuts. Weetabix: Well, nuts are classified four ways. Nuts in cans, nuts in jars, nuts in bags and unshelled. Client: What does ‘unshelled’ mean? Out of the shell? Weetabix: Um…. no, […]

It’s not having what you want, it’s wanting what you’ve got

So much to say. I went to work for a while yesterday, as I detailed in yesterday’s entry, and then scootled home to take a shower and get ready for our evening of merriment. My very excellent friend Markus (the only person to ever write a guest entry on this page) is moving to North […]

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