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Monthly Archives: January 2003

Stick out your tongue and say Gah

I am so sick, y’all. Seriously. As I type this, Shania Twain is yodeling from the television, because I figured a little VH-1 as I wrote would help me reconnect to the world at large. Twain wasn’t there when I turned it on. No, it was Matchbox 20 then, but now there’s this Twangy Twain […]

Hard to swallow

After something happens’something bad’I never know how long to keep writing about it. It’s so hard to segue from ‘really horrible’ to ‘look what silly thing Esteban said to me yesterday’. So today I will do my best. Bryan’s wake was Saturday. It was one of the most heartwrenching things I’ve ever attended. I was […]

See you tonight, Bryan

Dear Stars, When you stand up to be counted tonight, you’re going to notice that my little friend Bryan has joined your ranks. He’s the short one, only six years old, with the big bright eyes and the infectious smile. You’re going to like him a lot. We sure did. Honestly, I’m pretty jealous that […]

Back to Basics… farts and shopping

Last night, I painted my nails while watching Buffy. They are now a retro silver color. I then dressed accordingly this morning to compliment my nails with my wardrobe (grey v-neck sweater, black blazer and slacks, best socks in the world, and the grey ass splinter pearls.) This is how people without children pass their […]

Snooze alarm

**snizzle’ sneerk!… snork..** Huh? Is it time to get up already? So Saturday, I woke up from my last night of terror on the high seas and took a shower, ate cereal, and got dressed. Then I woke Esteban, who lobbied for ‘One Last Time in the Old Bed’ sex (yeah, yeah, yeah, nostalgia is […]

Our Waterbed: Rest in Peace

I haven’t gotten a regular decent night sleep in ten years. The reason? We sleep in a waterbed. Which is the second name the waterbed marketing team came up with, after Turbulant Vomitolounger was deemed too negative. When Esteban and I moved in together, he insisted that we use his king sized water bed and […]

Sweet annoying shyte for WilliamTells.

Puppies noses, kittens in front of fireplaces. Purring. Lots and lots of frosting. Girl frosting. Babies…. babies and blankets knitted by grandmothers. This is because he called me “Miss Thang”.

Men who pause

Scene: Evening at Casa Bix. Esteban and Weetabix are watching a television show where a character has discovered that she has begun menopause.) Esteban: I’ll endeavor to be really understanding of you when you go through menopause, baby. Weetabix: What? Why? Esteban: I’ I don’t know. I just thought that I would’ um’ I don’t […]

Like sands through the hourglass, those are the Barristas of Our Lives

So I’ve been feeling a little svelter this week. I think the boot called Louisiana DID kick my ass or at least slap it around a little. So that means one thing: Time for my weekly foray into reality. Time to try on the Small Jeans. No, they’re not really size Small. They are actually […]

This doesn’t need a title because it will be gone in twelve hours

Did you ever spend so much time with your head upside down that you got a little dizzy? Well,’ a LOT dizzy? Like you feel all of the blood rush to your TONGUE and then you’re feeling like you’ve just been to the dentist or perhaps someone put the spec tongue inside your head instead […]

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