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Daily Archives: June 15th, 2003


(Scene: Esteban and Weetabix are spooning in bed.) Esteban: (snakes his hand under Weet’s t-shirt and goes for the fun pillows) Weetabix: HEY! BACK OFF! Esteban: What? Weetabix: Do NOT touch. No touch. Esteban: What? What did I do? Did accidentally hurt you? Weetabix: No, no, no, it’s just one of those things. Most of […]

Ala Peanut Butter and Banana sandwiches

The Be Weetabix For A Day entries have been posted and this is the real schlameal (as opposed to the very artificial schlamozzle) once more. I think each of the four Faux Weet’s did a fabulous job and all of them made me laugh. You can vote (by saying ‘I vote for this one’ and […]

Guest Entry: A Man’s work is never done

A late entry to the Be Weetabix For A Day contest… Some of you may be wondering why I have stayed with Esteban despite all the charming offers from the Bad Bar boys. “But Weetabix,” you say, “what about all those hot drunk boys who put stickers in your cleavage? Wouldn’t it be romantic to […]

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