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Monthly Archives: March 2009

what to expect when you're expecting a puppy

In a half-awake moment of clarity this morning, I realized that my own obsessive-compulsive need for perfection has been preventing me from updating my blog. You see, I have a Weetacon entry to write, and another one about the state of my To Do list, and then another one to talk about how the transition […]

Bouncing baby girl

We’ve made an addition to our household. Aside from the cat toys and missing socks that are apparently lurking under the chaise. (Wow, the things you discover when you set a video camera at floor level!) Internet, meet Aveline Pearl (pronounced “AH-vah-leen”). Sorry, the quality is crap, because it was basically taken with the webcam […]

The spring Igigi fashion montage

For a plus size clothes whore like myself, the privilege of being invited to the Igigi headquarters and meeting Yuliya and Ozlem on multiple occasions is a bit like a standard size fashionista being asked into the salon of Prouenza Schouler for a private fitting with the masters. I do not know what I’ve done […]


I’m so behind, y’all. I don’t know what to talk about first. I could talk about David and Tyler’s amazing wedding, or the incredible experience of co-shooting the wedding with Shannon, a photographer who is amazing and I’m honored to be considered her peer.  I’ll be uploading those photos to Flickr (and there’s a sneak […]

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