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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Weetabix’s life improvement in just 68,493 easy steps

  So, I’ve been working on this project. A writing project. Ever since I went to Writer Camp, I’ve been little Pollyanna with keeping my internal demons at bay and have trucked through 18K words of new fiction in two months. Ok, I know Nanowrimo people poop that out before lunch, but for me, that’s […]

Winner of the Wendy Bix Photo giveaway!

We have a winner in the Wendy Bix photo giveaway! And it is Lorraine, who said that the barissta entries were her favorite. Ah Sbux, how pedestrian it has become, and yet how it filled my heart with joy back when it was still a novelty and a paean to conspicuous consumerism. I kind of […]

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