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Post Weetacon shenanigans


Her: You haven’t posted for awhile. November 21. Me: What? Certainly not. I’ve posted more since then. Her: November 21. I check frequently. Me: Huh. But…but…the Year End Video counts! It didn’t quite go that way. Mostly it went that way. Because yes, I did the opposite of Hollidailies, it seems. And also, I suck. […]

Meta meta-ness

So many of you have either commented or e-mailed that you want to come to Weetacon (March 5-7, 2010!) and see what it’s all about (and let’s face it, could there BE a cheaper readymade weekend getaway? Plus, I defy you to walk out of Weetacon without having made at least one amazing new bff) […]

Return of Lady Bigfoot

After a quicky dinner of Swedish meatballs (out of the freezer… love it when I plan ahead) I was stretched out on the couch, as I am wont to do, and Esteban had just proposed a Friday night trip to the Hundred Dollar Store for a new showerhead. We have one of those supposed rainfall […]

Guest Post by Golf Widow

Hey, you know an easy way to increase your website’s hit count without even lifting a finger? Ok, one finger, the one driving your mouse. Seriously, give Golf Widow two bucks and she’ll just volunteer to write you a guest entry. by Golf Widow Weetabix is kind of like Curly Howard of the Three Stooges. […]

So fucked up Holidailies, it’s not funny

So, I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this or not, but I have had arthritis ever since I was a wee child and most of the time, it’s just in my knees and every now and then, in my shoulder (the one that got dislocated… jeez, I’m a fucking wreck), but recently, it’s been […]

Cache, or Lack Thereof

Apparently this year’s Holiday Card Exchange has been fraught with mishaps and elvish mischief, because a lot of people are reporting that they haven’t received the preliminary list that went out over the weekend, and when I check the list, I never received their email asking to sign up. So if you sent me something […]

Semester’s over, let the partying begin

Blergh, how did so many days pass by? How? I ask this of you. The good news: I finished that paper and also, did pretty well during the presentation. We had ten minutes to present, which meant that the early people took upwards of 45 minutes (I am not making that up) for their own […]

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