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Letters from gastro camp

  Did you know that when you are visiting someone in the hospital, you risk a temporary kind of parking paralysis. You may park with half of your Buick’s ass askew into another parking spot. You may feel that you have pulled into the spot all the way when in fact, half of your car […]


We’re still in the hospital. We’ve been here for 30 days. Please consider that for a moment. 30 days. If Esteban were a heroin addict, he’d be out by now. If a zombie plague had broken out, civilization would have collapsed by now. The parking attendants now don’t believe me when I tell them I’m […]


  When you enter the hospital from the fourth floor parking garage, there’s always only one song on the Muzak: a flute-only version of “From a Distance”. Whenever I enter or leave the hospital, it gets stuck in my head. I think it’s supposed to be comforting, but when your husband is lying in ICU […]

When we were young

Oh, that picture up there? That’s just me with Felicia Day. What, you don’t hang out with celebrities during your business trips? I am doing a big technology conference in Vegas this week. It’s been filled with celebrities (I’ve seen Rohan Marley so often that I’m beginning to feel like he’s part of my family) […]

The boss of all of us

I am still way sick. So sick. My chest feels like I’m carrying a few pounds of gravel in my lungs and the worst part is that I’m exhausted but not tired, if that makes any sense. The good news is that while the official strep culture results won’t be in for another 24 hours, […]


One of the annoying things about traveling is that your life keeps happening off screen while you’re away. For instance, Christmas is just two and a half weeks away from today! How did you guys let that happen? Also, Esteban’s truck has been misbehaving for about a year. The mechanics at the dealership haven’t been […]

Longer than the line for the ladies room at a tech convention

Sometimes I think I could live in Vegas all year and still never do all of the awesome things I want to do in Vegas. For instance, I kind of want to shoot a machine gun. I’ve never seen the Grand Canyon (I think I might have flown over it once or twice, actually, but […]

What not to drink

We all have some level of hypocrisy in our lives. Yes, you too. And while I will happily pay double for a gallon of organic skim milk and we wake up at dawn’s first light to trek down to the farmer’s market to buy locavore produce from people we know and trust, I have a […]

I’m a unicorn no longer

After much ado, Hodor has left the building. Hodor is the name that Jane gave to my evil twin lump in my noggin. It was a pretty good name and also, I am likewise reading A Game of Thrones and found it funny. And also, my lump would frequently shout “HODOR!” by means of giving […]

I’m a unicorn

Here’s a very true fact: our cat Jincy is the boss of all of us. She’s the boss of me, she’s certainly the boss of Esteban and she’s even the boss of Avi. The pug weighs twice what the cat does, but you wouldn’t know it for the furious ass kickings that are doled out […]

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