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Longer than the line for the ladies room at a tech convention

Sometimes I think I could live in Vegas all year and still never do all of the awesome things I want to do in Vegas. For instance, I kind of want to shoot a machine gun. I’ve never seen the Grand Canyon (I think I might have flown over it once or twice, actually, but […]

What not to drink

We all have some level of hypocrisy in our lives. Yes, you too. And while I will happily pay double for a gallon of organic skim milk and we wake up at dawn’s first light to trek down to the farmer’s market to buy locavore produce from people we know and trust, I have a […]

I’m a unicorn no longer

After much ado, Hodor has left the building. Hodor is the name that Jane gave to my evil twin lump in my noggin. It was a pretty good name and also, I am likewise reading A Game of Thrones and found it funny. And also, my lump would frequently shout “HODOR!” by means of giving […]

I’m a unicorn

Here’s a very true fact: our cat Jincy is the boss of all of us. She’s the boss of me, she’s certainly the boss of Esteban and she’s even the boss of Avi. The pug weighs twice what the cat does, but you wouldn’t know it for the furious ass kickings that are doled out […]

Weetabix’s life improvement in just 68,493 easy steps

  So, I’ve been working on this project. A writing project. Ever since I went to Writer Camp, I’ve been little Pollyanna with keeping my internal demons at bay and have trucked through 18K words of new fiction in two months. Ok, I know Nanowrimo people poop that out before lunch, but for me, that’s […]

You could be anyone

Oh you guys, Writer Camp was so awesome. I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome it was. Everyone was awesome. Awesome. It’s an overused word, but I mean it in the truest sense: I am full of awe. Every day, I took a tiny little cranky elevator down to the Writer Camp headquarters […]

Righter conference

I got home from what had to have been the worst West Coast flight of my life: for some reason, the pitch of the seats on this particular Delta plane seemed really really shorter than usual. Like, there was more legroom on the tiny puddle jumper jet from MSP to GRB than the big plane […]


Thank you, everyone, for your kindness recently with my grandmother’s passing. I’m certainly not through mourning her (arguably, are you ever?) but I’m doing a lot of pretending that I’m doing the day-to-day stuff with nothing wrong. I’m not sure if that’s the right reaction. Sometimes I let my guard down and apparently it shows […]

You never think about water until the well runs dry

  Last week, I was the person to tell my mother that her mother died. My Aunt Drusilla couldn’t find my mom’s work number and was too upset to do much more than call the Hospice number stuck to the phone and also, me. I also called my great uncle and told him that his […]

I miss her already

A dog collar. Another owner at the doggie daycare. The Jeep at Sbux that didn’t pull up far enough (despite having plenty of room) to allow me to get close enough to the speaker to order. The rabbits that want to have yet another batch of babies in our backyard. The motherfucking weather. These are […]

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