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Travelista Tips: Your questions answered

Boy, that Travel post got HUGE amounts of interest! I had no idea! Ok, here’s my biggest tip ever: never ever ever ever ever just accept the price given for a hotel/plane ticket/car rental. It can always get lower somehow. I have seen the same seat on the same flight can vary by as much […]

How to go anywhere you want without paying for it: the not-so-secret way to travel without breaking the bank

My hair stylist is always asking “where are you going THIS time” because almost every time I come in for a color, I am probably going somewhere. Next week, I’m going to Las Vegas, LA and then Boston. The only reason I’m not going somewhere in February is because I will be house-sitting for Ward […]

Moments I’d like to not have played back in the movie of my life

A few weeks ago, while I was in Everwood demanding that Jake drive me around and find things that would delight and amuse me, he pointed us at a bakery that was apparently founded by Joseph Smith or something. I tried half of a piece and demanded the box be taken away before I eat […]

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