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Flying solo

(Sorry about that big copyright on the image above. I had to put it on there to post it somewhere else where there was a high liklihood that someone would steal the image, and I’m too lazy to find the original image to post here. So it’s copyright, bitches! Every single photo on this blog […]

Espresso vortex

Our Chalet Bix espresso machine just celebrated its third birthday. It’s been three years since I worked in an actual corporate office, which is kind of awesome in itself. When I made the jump to working 100% from my home office, we realized that it was just silly going out and driving to Starbucks to […]

Absolutely Fabulous

My imaginary friend Peter said that there’s a point of Wisconsin cold where all fashion stops. He calls it Fabsolute Zero. It is so cold this week that I’ve basically just thrown up my hands and given up. I took back the Ikea sheepskin from the cat and put it beneath my desk, as the […]

A tale of two parking spots

I’m a strong believer in karma. I think the universe abhors a vacuum, which is good when it comes to my belief that every no you hear means you are one step closer to a Yes, but bad when it seems as though the universe sets forth a correction in a strong series of calamities. […]

A Not Picture Entry. No shit.

Last weekend, I entertained M. Giant and his absolutely delightful wife Trash. They graciously allowed me to invite myself to dinner and then we went to the Bad Bar, which was strangely not very crowded, yet was playing the music at 8 million decibels. At one point, I sent a text message to the owner, […]


Since last we spoke, the dining room is now a deep crimson color and missing its carpeting, I’ve spent the entire month not in the pool and I’ve been to Utah and Chicago (and also Blogher, which was like a subset of Chicago in that it was also a weird little city populated by people […]

Traditional pre-trip mental instability

I find that I have very little patience right now. I was staring at someone as they talked at to me at work and wanted to say “Really? Do you really think I or anyone at all cares about what your mom bought your grandchild at TJ Fucking Maxx?” But perhaps I am too harsh. […]

Polycystic who what now?

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this but I have something called Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome. No, my ovaries are fine and as far as I know, I have not even one cyst, let alone many screaming hordes of cysts (why do I imagine some kind of cystic concert, maybe a Lefty Lollapalooza and a […]

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