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Well, Xena wouldn’t have that evil look on her face, that’s for sure.

I have horrible bronchitis today.

And I’m out of the cough syrup with codeine in it.

I have nothing else to say.

A few readers have expressed interest in seeing some pictures of what I and Esteban look like. Truthfully, it hadn’t occurred to me to post pictures, especially since I have posted something like four pictures of myself thus far. But Esteban has been spared exposure on this here page, so I asked him if I could and he’s cool with that.

So here’s a picture of Esteban and myself in happier times (ie. when my lungs didn’t feel like sandpaper and before we ever engaged in any home remodeling projects)…. actually, it was the night before our wedding.

Esteban thinks he looks like a dork in this picture. I think I look a little possessed. I must be. Something must have possessed me to dye my hair so fucking dark.

I think I wanted to be Xena: Warrior Princess.

That’s what I’m thinking in this picture:

What Would Xena Do?

I think that the nose to Esteban’s right is that of my sister, Mo.

She’s going to love me for saying that.

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