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A bite-sized entry

Yesterday was one of those days where my stomach was a bottomless pit.

Stop looking at me like that. It is NOT like that every day!

I swear, I could not get enough to eat. I went to Subway for lunch and got one of their foot-long Veggie Subs, ala Jarad the Former Fat Media Monger and you know what? It tasted like a grass and Styrofoam sammich. I love those things, but this one just tasted like crap. I actually stopped eating at 8 inches, not because I was full, but rather because I was getting tired of eating it. No wonder that fool lost weight. The whole time I was eating, he was sitting there on a sign, grinning at me, laughing all the way to McDonald’s to spend his Subway money.

Something bothers me about that man’s lips. His lips freak me out. I don’t know why. I think the man could suck the chrome off a Buick, though, with those freaky alien lips.

Winter doth approach, as I actually donned my pink sweatpants and men’s gray thermal socks for tv watching last night.

If we’re lucky today, it might get up to 60 degrees!

Weetabix claps her little hands with glee


Whooo. This is why I live in Wisconsin. Because I love having 10 months of winter and 2 months of eternal damnation-type heat.

Luckily last night, Esteban worked late into the night at the lab and he didn’t catch me being un-Packerotic by eschewing the first hour of Monday Night Football to watch the season premier of Angel instead. They ‘premiered’ the movie trailer for Lord of the Rings during the show. Not only did I read in the entertainment rags that they would be showing the trailer for the first time then, but they also had no less than three commercials teasing that they were going to show the trailer.

When did we as a society become so overly superficial that we have commercials for commercials?

That being said, I thought the Budweiser commercial about the mouse that scratches the Clydesdale’s ear and then gets to ride with the Budweiser wagon was tres’ adorable.

Esteban declared last night’s Packer game ‘a shit stomping’. He was very amused with that. Welcome to my husband’s perverse mind.

To those of you who watched the Buffy premier on FX: Congratulations! Are you totally hooked yet? It gets better, too!

Caribou correctly identified the answers to yesterday’s study guide on the message boards, so you can compare your homework there. For the quiz:

What scathing remark does Cordelia make when Buffy grabs her, mistaking her for a person of the dead variety?

A) Gahhhhh!!!! Loser!
B) What is your childhood trauma?
C) Get your filthy paws off my silky drawers! Would you try that crap with Annette?
D) Don’t pull that ‘All My Children’ crap with me, Sarah Michelle Gellar!

Number of cars who deigned to not use their blinkers during my morning commute: 3

Number of idiots who thought that they were auditioning for stunt driver in ‘The Dukes of Hazard Get Old’: 2

Number of cars who pulled into the right hand turn lane at a stop light and then proceeded to go straight, cutting off the cars who were going straight because they had run out of lane: 1

Number of times I used the word ‘bastard’: 7

Number of times I used the word ‘fucker’: 2

Yes. I went to parochial school as a child. I’m certain that it’s very apparent.

Does anyone know anything about washing machines? My washing machine has a big problem with lint. I don’t put my clothing in the dryer, opting to line dry it all, but there is a dearth of lint left on the clothing, in big linty streaks. Yes, I’ve cleaned the lint trap (as far as I know’ maybe there’s more than one?) and we’ve checked the hose for any big old lint balls or clogs or whatever. Every morning, I spend about fifteen minutes delinting my clothing with a lint roller. I go through three lint rollers a day. This morning, for example, I delinted my black pants and planned to wear a red turtleneck under my blazer, but when I went to get my turtleneck, I found IT covered with lint too. I simply didn’t have the patience to delint that as well, so instead I opted for a white turtleneck. This caused me to take off my Key West pearls because they didn’t show up on the white turtleneck. Do you see how this little stupid problem is affecting my life? Christ, if I had a better body, I’d just go to work naked. No lint. No problem.

So anyway, if anyone has any thoughts as to my linty problems, tells the message board. I think the guestbook is down. I got notification yesterday that I had two people sign my guestbook, but I can’t get to it to read it, so now it’s taunting me, knowing that someone said something and I have no clue as to what they said. Between that and the lint, I’m a little grumpy today. But I’m looking forward to the second half of ‘Welcome to the Hellmouth’ tonight, so life is good.

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